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Amber Rose Defended Ace Hood's Girlfriend From Hateful Trolls & Offered Advice

Rose reached out to Shelah Marie via social media to share some words of wisdom we could all use.

Social media can be cruel with no warning and for little reason. It's a lesson rapper Ace Hood's girlfriend Shelah Marie learned the hard way, Bossip reports.

The curvaceous, body positive Marie has been featured on Bossip a number of times in recent weeks, and though the articles themselves were positive, Marie shared on social media that the comments were less than kind to her.

"I was written about my Bossip for the (3rd?) time last night," she wrote. "Being open on social media has taught me to take the good with the bad. The article is very kind to me. But the comments were a reminder of exactly why I do what I do. Being called an insta-thot, a whore, and people who don't know me speaking harshly about me is part of the game."

"I just refuse to add to the normative dialogue which fears women who accept their bodies and tries to subjugate women who express themselves sexually," she continued.

Amber Rose, who's no stranger to receiving hate online herself, left her own comment in support of Marie, and offered her some wise words we could all use as a reminder: "don't read the comments."

"This is why I started SlutWalk, babe," she wrote. "The hate is so real but do yourself a favor and stop looking at those sites. I know you're curious to see what people have to say but honestly it's all just negative vibes you don't need."

"You're beautiful and I've been following you for way over two years now," she continued. "Keep being you and never change for anyone."

How sweet is that? If there's one woman who practices what she preaches when it comes to supporting other women, it's Amber Rose. I just have one question: what happened to that whole social media break?

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