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Amber Rose Explains Her Controversial Comments About Philly Women

Rose has been getting a ton of hate after seemingly calling women from Philadelphia ugly. Here's what she has to say about it now.

Amber Rose does not think that women from Philadelphia are ugly — that's the point she's trying to get across, anyway. Whether or not you accept her explanation is up to you.

The model/entrepreneur got slammed on Twitter last week after a clip from one of her recent interviews started making the rounds online. While speaking with the Drink Champs podcast, Rose talked about her upbringing on the south side of Philly, saying, "I grew up in a very poor neighborhood. I don't know how I can say this without sounding like, f*cked up, but a lot of the people where I'm from aren't traditionally attractive people."

"For me, being blessed with beauty, as beautiful women know, is a blessing and a curse," she continued. "To grow up in such an area and be blessed with beauty, it was very difficult for me."

Unsurprisingly, people flipped out over Rose's comments, which she later tried to explain in a series of short videos, saying, "I wasn't saying that's how I felt, I was saying that that's how people treated me and it just didn't come off properly in the interview."

TMZ caught up with Rose over the weekend and she doubled down on her defense, telling reporters, "I never said anyone was ugly. I'm so frustrated."

"It makes me so sad because I never said that. And maybe I shouldn't have used the word 'traditional.' But I just meant society's standard of beauty," she continued. "Because I never felt like I was beautiful. I felt like they were beautiful. So it's the opposite of what everybody's saying. Shout out to Philly. I love you guys."

You can check out Rose's explanation below.

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