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Amber Rose Explains Why She Sometimes Goes "Overboard" With Sexy Instagram Pics

There's a reason behind everything she does on the 'gram.

Amber Rose is a pretty controversial figure these days.

Whether she's taking back the word "slut" or bringing back the bush, Amber's social media moves tend to draw some kind of backlash (because we all know there's nothing that people love to criticize more than a woman who's unapologetic about her sexuality).

Rose isn't being controversial just for the sake of being controversial though; as she explained in an interview with Huffington Post this week, there's a message behind everything she does.

"Sometimes I go overboard with my pictures on Instagram and what I say in my captions cause I wanna give women the confidence to be like, 'You know what, I can really do whatever I want. I actually have a voice. It's OK if I'm into this. It is OK if I'm sexually liberated," she explained.

"So I'm willing to take the punches for all of us. I've been taking the punches for all of us for years now," she continued. "You know, people are just starting to recognize it. But I'll take all the punches so you guys don't have to. And I'm comfortable with that and I'm cool with that cause I'm strong enough to take it. And so if I could make a difference just by doing that, then we're on our way to being more confident in our sexuality."

Considering that her annual SlutWalk event inspires literally thousands to gather in support of gender equality, it's probably safe to say she's doing pretty good on the whole 'making a difference' thing.

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