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Amber Rose Explains Why She Talks To Her Son About Her Period

"I don't hide things from my son."

Amber Rose is all about normalizing women's periods. Even today, in the year 2017, it wouldn't be all that hard to find a grown man who still squirms whenever a woman mentions anything about her period. Despite the fact that half of the population menstruates, it's still a taboo topic, and if you ask Amber Rose, fighting such ignorance starts at home.

In a new interview with Refinery 29, the entrepreneur/activist explained this simple reason she's so open about her period with her son Sebastian.

"I don't hide things from my son. He is only 4 years old. But even still, I talk to him about a lot of things," Rose said. "As far as women, one of the things I do is talk to him about my period. My son knows what a period is. It's funny because we'll literally be out at the grocery store, in the aisle, picking out cereal, and he'll be like, 'Mommy are you bleeding? Do you need pads? Do you need tampons?' He's 4 years old. People will look at me like, 'What? How old is he?'"

"But you know, I'm his mother. He sees me in the bathroom. I don't hide anything from my baby," Rose continued. "I think it's really important because a lot of guys think that periods are gross. So I explain everything to him, when I have cramps or I don't feel well. I don't hide that from him."

Though Sebastian may be a bit young to understand some things, Rose added that she has every intention of having more in-depth conversations with him once he's older.

"With politics and a lot of the things going on in the world, that's hard for me to explain to him at such a young age," Rose said. "But definitely when he gets older, for sure, I'm not going to hide anything from my baby."

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