Amber Rose Explains Why She Won't Date "Airhead" Basketball Players

Can you really blame her?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

After splitting from her boo of almost 6 months, Val Chmerkovskiy, Amber Rose is hitting the dating scene again. In an interview with The Tomorrow Show earlier this week, the entrepreneur dished about her type and revealed that, above all else, she's a sucker for a man with a good head on his shoulders.

"Listen, that's what I'm attracted to, extremely smart men, always have been. I need guys that are articulate and that can teach me something," Rose explained. "That's why I really don't date like ball players and stuff, like I've tried but I'm turned off because they're not very smart. Most of them, I don't want to say all of them, but most of them are kind of airheads and I'm just, I can't."

Fair enough, right? Amber also dropped another huge bombshell during her appearance on the show, sharing that her ex, Wiz Khalifa, is "one hundred percent " the love of her life.

"It was hard for sure, but the cool thing about me and Wiz is that we still love each other very much. Even when we leave each other like he gets the baby we still peck each other on the lips, we give each other hugs, you know, 'Alright I love you, bye pumpkin,'" Rose said. "You know, it's just we're still a family even though we're not together and I'm happy about that, you know, it's still like a very good relationship. But by far Wiz is the love of my life, absolutely."

To hear more about Rose's type and her feelings for Wiz, check out the full interview below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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