Amber Rose Finally Comments On Blac Chyna's Relationship With Rob

Does Amber approve of her BFF's new man?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are kind of a controversial couple, mostly because of Chyna's previous feuding with Tyga/Kylie, but that doesn't mean Chyna's BFF Amber Rose isn't on board with the relationship. When it comes to the epic romance that is ChyRo, Amber 100% approves.

During a chat with E! News' Zuri Hall, Amber spoke on how happy she is for her friend.

"I love them. I mean, Rob is so cool… He's just a really nice guy," she said. "I feel like the whole dynamic - we're all kind of connected in this weird little web throughout the years... But I think that chemistry just brought them together."

Amber also commented on the speculation that Chyna was only dating Rob to somehow get back at Kylie for dating Tyga, Chyna's ex/co-parent.

"I feel like initially it looked like something that it wasn't, but really they're just very happy together," Amber said. "That's all it is, and they have a great time together, as you can see, and I'm so happy for Chyna."

There you have it - Rob officially has the best friend stamp of approval.


Confused? Check out this Short History of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian for the full story!

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