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Amber Rose Got Rear Ended, And We're Talking About Her Expensive Car

Bye bye, perfect Rolls Royce.

Amber Rose just learned a lesson in copying your friend’s style. Her Rolls Royce got rear-ended in Hollywood, TMZ reports, just three weeks after getting behind the wheel! Rose bought the car after seeing Blac Chyna’s version, which led to some fun fantasies about a girl motor gang taking over Los Angeles. Well, for me anyway. Guess they’ll need to practice driving in tandem, especially when there's a baby on board.

We won’t blame Amber for this accident, since when someone rear ends you it’s usually their fault.

TMZ says an Audi was the culprit in damaging the $371,000 car. Can you imagine crashing into something that expensive and then Amber Rose gets out? I’d just get out of the driver’s seat and walk directly into the desert, never to be seen again.

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