Amber Rose Had The Perfect Response To An Instagram Hater

"People like you are the main reason I started Slut Walk."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Amber Rose probably couldn't care less what people think about her or her politics, but that hasn't stopped the haters from judging her on social media.

"If he's not a feminist I don't want him," read one of Amber's recent Instagram posts. She added in the caption, "If ur not willing to hold up a sign that says 'Don't Tell Women What To Wear, Tell Men Not To Rape" or "Her P*ssy, Her Choice," at my Slutwalk ur not the one for me fam."

An Instagram user took offense to Amber's post and wrote in a comment, "This stripper tryna tell people wassup... Girls tell guys what to wear too, my girl does. No need to complain. First world problems true @amberrose."

Amber Rose wasted no time in firing back at the disrespect.

"You just referred to me as 'this stripper,'' she wrote. "I haven't danced in almost a decade but because I have a vagina and you're intimidated by the fact that I am more successful than you, you will continue to call me a stripper to down me for my past so you can feel superior."

"I get it," she continued. "People like you are the main reason why I started slut walk. You should go to the website in my bio and get more information. It's a higher level of thinking. Try it."

Game, set, match. Take a look at Amber's post below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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