Amber Rose Has Some Interesting Opinions About The N-Word

Do you agree with her take?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Whether she's explaining why she refers to herself as a slut or defending her now-famous bush pic, Amber Rose is known for not being afraid to speak her mind when it comes to controversial topics.

So what feminist topic is Rose shedding light on this week? The power of reclaiming words that have, historically, been used to degrade others.

BET reports that during her appearance on Complex's Everyday Struggle this week, Rose compared the black community reclaiming the N-word to women taking back words like "hoe" and "slut."

"We're saying now that a 'hoe' and a 'slut,' those terminologies don't exist," co-host Joe Budden began. "Those are words that just exist because people are uncomfortable with..."

"It's the same way that Black people use the N-word as a positive word now, right?" Rose interjected. "It's still very controversial. Some people don't like that, right? But it makes Black people feel comfortable that, you know, they took the word back. That's it. It's the same thing as slut."

Do you think Rose is on to something? You can check out her full explanation (starting at around seven minutes in) in the video below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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