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Amber Rose Hung Up On A Woman Who Said She'd Been Sexually Abused

Her followers weren't having it, but are you buying her excuse?

Bossip reports that during an Instagram Live stream with Blac Chyna, Amber Rose hung up on a woman who said she’d been molested. After asking for callers to tell them sex stories, this woman called in with her own, but Rose said it was “too much" before hitting the dial tone. Folks watching along freaked out, calling Amber a fraud. Considering how outspoken she’s been about her feminist views on sex and repeatedly leading the Slutwalk, many of her fans expected a much more compassionate response to a woman's confession of sex abuse.

Amber Rose responded to the criticism on Instagram, defending herself by saying that she heard someone laughing on the other line and believed that the girl was making her story up for attention. She says that she was in the room with women who have been abused and it’s not a thing to joke about.

You can listen to the video, and decide if it sounds like there’s laughter from the caller's end here:

The reality is though, Amber Rose has no idea if that woman was making up her story or not, and believing women’s stories is an important step in defeating rape culture, which Amber insists is something she wants. Cutting the caller off was a big mistake, even if she was skeptical of her.

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