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Amber Rose Just Bought The Exact Same Rolls Royce As Blac Chyna

BFF or copycat?

Rich people sure love rewarding themselves with cars. Seems like a weird treat, because let’s face it, we can still only drive one car at a time. One day, the self-driving car technology will arrive and celebrities will be able to fill an entire highway with their fleet of luxury cars all at once, but I hope I’ll be dead by then. Until then, it looks like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna have some tandem driving planned. Earlier this week, Blac Chyna bought herself a $400,000 Rolls Royce as a reward for producing another Kardashian. She called it a “push present,” but Rob Kardashian wasn’t anywhere in sight, so she’s pushing herself through this.

Amber Rose isn’t expecting, as far as we know, but she seems to have decided to reward herself. TMZ reports that she went to the same dealership as Chyna and bought the exact same car: a white Rolls Royce. It was only $371,000, maybe because she didn’t get the purple trim inside.

Wow, can't believe Blac Chyna just got her son's bday theme ripped off, and now this! Let the woman have her own brand, please. Kidding. I know these two are BFFs forever. I can just picture them riding side by side down the freeway. It’s like Thelma and Louise, except they each have their own car and Brad Pitt stays out of it.

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