Amber Rose Just Revealed Her Secret Celebrity Crush

Literally no one saw that coming.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Amber Rose has a secret crush, only it's not so secret anymore.

During a recent episode of the Loveline with Amber Rose podcast, Rose discussed her love of the reality series Shark Tank, reports. Not only does she binge watch the show on a fairly regular basis, but the entrepreneur also revealed that she has a crush on one of the show's "sharks"/cast members, Canadian millionaire Kevin O'Leary, also known by the nickname he was given on the show, "Mr. Wonderful."

"I have the biggest crush on Mr. Wonderful," Rose revealed. "[His cockiness and confidence] is so hot to me. It's so f*cking hot. I'm not into Mark Cuban. He's cocky in a different way."

"I feel like Mr. Wonderful has been there, done that, he's just the sh*t," she continued. "He knows exactly what he's talking about, he just gets it and people be up there crying and he's like 'Look, I don't get emotionally invested. I'm out. You're dead to me.' I'm just wet watching him, so hot."

"Just wet watching him," huh? Ah, Amber. Gotta love the TMI queen. You can listen to the interview in full below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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