Amber Rose Just Spilled The Tea About Her Sex Life, And It's Surprising

Also, she hates cooking and cleaning.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Amber Rose may be sex-positive, but contrary to what some would believe, talking openly about sex doesn't mean you're always in the mood to have it. reports that during a recent episode of her podcast, Amber got really open about her current sex life, sharing that she's just not interested in hooking up.

"I could f**k anybody I want at any time, but it's boring," she said. "I don't want to have sex. I'm very turned off. Ideally, I'd like to have a relationship. I love relationships, I love to be with one person, I love to grow with them and have that closeness."

She also spoke about something many women can probably relate to when it comes to relationships - the pressure to put your "best self" forward early on, even if that best self is just an act.

"I sold a dream in the past in other relationships," Amber shared. "I wanted somebody to like me for all the right things like 'I'm going to cater to you and I'm going to cook and I'm going to clean.'"

"Now when I meet someone, it's like, 'Look, I don't cook like that,'" she continued. "I cook for my son but usually we go out to eat. I love to go to restaurants, I'm that girl. I have maids that come to my house. I work really f***ing hard. I'm not going to be cleaning up s**t. I'm a business woman, I'm a mom first. I have s**t to do. I'm never going to cancel what I have to do for anybody."

Talk about keeping it real. It's no surprise though; Amber's known for being extremely open when she's hosting Loveline With Amber Rose. In the past she's recommended masturbating in front of a mirror, and even talked about how terrible her first threesome was. There's no guessing what she'll talk about next.

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