Amber Rose Just Went Off on GQ For Calling Her Kanye's Ex And Wiz's Baby Mama

Amber: "I'm so much more." 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

When Amber Rose sat down with GQ for an interview and photoshoot to talk about her upcoming book How To Be A Bad Bitch, she probably wasn't expecting to have to lay a social media smackdown on the magazine. Amber had a lot of thought-provoking things to say about feminism and fame during her interview, but when GQ prefaced the published piece by referring to her as "Kanye's infamous ex" and "Wiz Khalifa's baby mama," she wasn't having it.

Muva Rosebud took to Instagram to air out her (justified) grievances with the mag.

Harsh words, but I can't help but understand Amber's frustrations. Amber Rose is so much more than the men she's dated - the interview itself makes that plain - and yet GQ chose to perpetuate that very problem by choosing such problematic wording to describe her.

Do you think GQ was in the wrong? The full interview that set Amber off is available to read on their website.

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