Amber Rose Offered This Advice To Fetty Wap's Ex And Sex Tape Co-Star

"Don't sit at home and cry about this sh*t. You sucked a d*ck. I've sucked many in my life."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Fetty Wap and his ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy are currently dealing with a leaked sex tape scandal, but never fear – Amber Rose is here to save the day, reports.

Earlier this week on the Loveline podcast, Rose invited Skyy to talk about the sex tape, as well as Masika Kalysha, the mother of Fetty's daughter.

"I know [Fetty Wap] didn't do it," Masika said. "I know him very well and I talked to him earlier today."

Meanwhile, Skyy took the opportunity to let the world know that she didn't plan for any of this to happen.

"I didn't want it to come out," Skyy said. "That's something personal between [me and] my ex-boyfriend of two years, and you do things with you man. That was just a kinky thing we did. And I just feel like I have a family, I have a business, so I might be a victim to the world but there's just certain things that I didn't want out there."

"At the end of the day, I'm not ashamed about doing it  it's more about how it got out," she said later. "I felt betrayed whether he put it out, or his new girlfriend put it out. However it got out, we're the only two with that tape so I'm just going to leave it at that."

Rose had some advice for Skyy; fans may remember that Amber had to deal with images of her own being leaked early in her career, and she opened up about the experience.

"Woman to woman, I was just like, 'I can't believe this is f*cking happening to me,' and I was devastated and I was young and taking nude pictures for my boyfriend at the time and they got leaked to the internet," Rose said. "I wish I had a positive female influence to say 'It's okay. It's not the end of the world and it's only a f*cking vagina.' We all have one."

"Alexis Skyy, don't sit at home and cry about this sh*t. You sucked a d*ck. I've sucked many in my life. I mean, whatever."

Whatever, indeed. Amber broadcast the episode on Facebook Live; check it out below.

[Photo: Getty Images, Instagram]

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