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Amber Rose Poses Sexily For Clothing Line, Claps Back At Haters

Muva explains why she's so over people who don't understand feminists.

Amber Rose knows what it's like to get hated on. For about as long as she's been in the public eye, Rose has been outspoken when it comes to her feminist views and she's gotten a lot of flak for it from all sides. There's even a vocal subset of online trolls who think her past as a stripper somehow disqualifies her from being a feminist and from caring about social issues. In a new interview with The Daily Mail, the talk show host explained just why that's completely ridiculous.

"Those people don't understand what being a feminist means," she said. "It doesn't upset me, but it can become frustrating."

"They contradict themselves by saying my past makes me not good enough for something," she continued. "They would never tell a man he can't do good and try to help people because of his past. More double standards."

So what does being a feminist mean to Amber? She explained, "It means to want equality."

This isn't the first time Amber has pointed out the unfair double standards she and other women have to battle. As she said in an interview with Cosmo South Africa, she gets way more hate than Channing Tatum even though they were both strippers before entering the entertainment world.

Amber isn't letting the hate get her down though; she recently collaborated with online fashion retailer Missguided to create a line of super hot pieces perfect for any confident babe's wardrobe. Check out her looks in the video below, and pick up a few tips on loving yourself from Muva Rose herself.

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