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Amber Rose Responds To Kodak Black's Comments About Black Women

The rapper recently made some troubling statements about his preference for "lighter" women, and Amber Rose has weighed in.

Kodak Black is at the center of controversy these days, due to some troubling comments about black women the rapper recently made.

During an Instagram Live session last month, Kodak stated that he "don't really like black girls like that," and later doubled down on his comments, saying, "I love Black African American women its just not my forte to deal with a 'darskin' woman I prefer them to have a lighter complexion than me #MyPreference #FuckYou."

"I only like redbones. I love black African-Americans. But I don't like black b*tches. I like yellow hoes," he said in yet another statement.

Colorism is real, and Amber Rose has weighed in on the ongoing debate with a statement of her own.

"Smh this really makes me so sad," she started. "Being a 'yellowbone' mixed light-skinned woman I know unfortunately that Modeling jobs, boys and opportunities came to me easier but did not realize that until I got older. Growing up in Philly I went to an all black school. I was the 'white girl' The one that the boys DIDN’T like, The girl that wasn’t as cool as the brown skinned girls. Black was the thing to be!"

Amber went on to talk about the colorism she witnessed as an adult before explaining that she's all about promoting unity among women.

"I can't help that I was born with light skin but I am a woman before anything else!" she wrote. "We need to stick together as women and educate society, educate men like this with black mothers! Not let men/people dictate what type of woman is in style or more beautiful. We are all smart and capable of being great! No matter where we come from or what complexion we are! If no one tells you you're beautiful I'm here to tell you that you are!"

You can read Amber's full post below.

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