Amber Rose Says Her Son Sees Her Naked "All The Time"

Cue the controversy.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Amber Rose got really candid about her parenting beliefs recently, so you just know the criticism is bound to start rolling in soon. Isn't that what always happens?

Actor Tom Arnold joined Rose for the latest episode of the Loveline with Amber Rose podcast, and the hot topic of the night was the importance of parents talking openly with their children. Tom commended Amber for being open with her son Sebastian, and the talk show host explained her views on the subject, reports.

"My son is four years old so I can't send him in the boy's room by himself," Amber explained. "I bring him in the stall with me and he uses the bathroom and he's just like 'Mommy, did you just pee out of your vagina?' I was just like 'Yes I did honey, yes I did.' We get out of the stall and everyone's looking at me appalled that my son said 'vagina' at such a young age but I don't laugh at him, I don't make him feel uncomfortable, I let him know everything because he obviously knows."

"He's seen mommy naked all the time. We obviously have different sex organs, it's just different, so he asks about it instead of me saying 'Honey, you don't look at that,'" she continued. "It's so important that when he gets older he just knows everything and it's not weird to him and it's not anything sexual. We're human beings and I just want him to be comfortable with that."

Sounds reasonable enough, but Instagram parenting experts love to go in on Amber for the way she raises her kid. Remember all the hate she got for kissing her son on the lips, and later, letting him get his nails done? Yikes.

What are your thoughts on this one?

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