Amber Rose Says Making A Sex Tape Is Healthy

She calls Donald Trump an as*hole for putting down Alicia Machado. We love Amber! 

By Eric Shorey

Amber Rose, ya know? She's cool and beautiful and she has a lot of opinions, most of which are correct. Take, for example, her thoughts on the mysterious malevolent entity and current presidential hopeful Donald Trump. What's Rose got to say about him?

"I would say that he's a complete assh*le," she stated plainly. Hmmm, yeah. Sounds about right. She also says that -- if former Miss Universe Alicia Machado does have a sex tape out there as Trump alleges -- it's a perfectly healthy outlet for a sexually active woman.

On the red carpet of this past weekend's Slut Walk, Rose also offered her thoughts on the representation of women in hip-hop, saying that the situation is currently "unfortunate" but hopes that things like her political campaigning will help educate men about some of the issues that women face on the daily.

Lastly, Rose frankly discussed the ways that she's courted controversy, citing how brands didn't want to work with her until rather recently.

The questions come at Amber rapid fire, but our girl handles it like a pro.

Check out the video from Advocate, below!

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