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Amber Rose Says Masturbation Is The Key To Her Glowing Skin

Muva Rose is spilling her secrets.

Amber Rose is, undeniably, a beautiful woman. Not only is her body amazing and her trademark buzzcut totally sexy, but her skin is like, otherworldly gorgeous.

In a new interview with Glamour, Rose spilled her beauty secrets, including what keeps her skin glowing the way it does. (Spoiler: it's not moisturizer.)

"Masturbation," Rose told the magazine. "I wish I had the time to masturbate every day in reality, but I don't. I say a lot of those things on [The Amber Rose Show] because I am very sex-positive. I do say those things in a way where I am very serious, but it's also a joke."

Rose definitely isn't afraid to have fun when it comes to topics like sex and beauty. Remember when she advised everyone to masturbate in front of the mirror? It's that "DGAF" attitude that attracted cosmetics brand Flirt to invite her to be their brand ambassador, something that she shares came as a total surprise to her.

"I still have no idea why [Flirt Cosmetics] even wanted me," she told the magazine. "I thought they were going to come in and say, 'Hey, can you grow your hair out? Cover your tattoos up?' Instead it was, 'We love your buzz cut. We love all your tattoos. We love your feminism. We're obsessed with your SlutWalk.' They embraced me for me. And that's what makes them extra cool."

As the face of Flirt, Amber has been killing it. See for yourself:

[Photo: Instagram]

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