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Amber Rose Sounds Off On Blac Chyna's Legal Battle With Rob Kardashian

Rose explained how Chyna's revenge porn lawsuit is "giving women a voice they didn't have before."

Amber Rose is firmly on #TeamChyna.

Blac Chyna and her ex Rob Kardashian are currently embroiled in an intense legal battle, which began when Rob posted revenge porn of Chyna after (or during?) their breakup earlier this year.

When BFFs Rose and Chyna reunited reunited at Rose's annual SlutWalk event on Sunday, Rose sounded off on Chyna's case against her ex, explaining the immense impact Chyna's story will have on women everywhere.

"You know, it is extremely important," Rose told People. "I always say, before Trump was president, can you imagine me and you, regular girls and he comes up and grabs us by the p*ssy, right? Who do you call? Do you call 911? Or the police officer in your district? Or do you try to call the White House and try to figure it out? Who do you talk to?"

"No one is going to believe you, this is Donald Trump. All they are going to do is scrutinize you and tell you that you just want money," she continued. "Look what they have been doing to Bill Cosby's victims! Me, [Chyna's attorney], Lisa Bloom, Blac Chyna, and everyone and every women out here right now is now giving women a voice that they didn't have before."

The war between the exes is just beginning; though the two have recently settled custody of their daughter Dream (for the time being), Rob, along with his sister Kylie Jenner, went on to sue Chyna for assault, battery, and vandalism, while Chyna accused Rob of domestic violence earlier this year.

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