Amber Rose Thinks Women Who Are Escorts Should Do This Instead

Muva Rose has spoken.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is there anything Amber Rose won't talk about on her podcast? While hosting Loveline With Amber Rose, Amber has talked about everything from her views on casual sex to why she would never date a bisexual man, but that crazy candidness is probably why her fans love her — and the podcast – so much. reports that on a recent episode of the show, Amber talked at length about women and the world of international escorting, and to summarize it? She just doesn't get it. There are other, less dangerous ways to make a quick buck, Rose explained.

"This is my whole thing," she began. "If you like sex that much and you're going to have sex anyway, f*ck it. You might as well go get some money off of it. You can either do porn which is cool, we love porn over here. Or you can go on a f*cking yacht somewhere really dope."

She also revealed that she's had the opportunity to get into that kind of work before, saying, "Do you know how many times I've been offered to go to Africa and the Middle East with random guys that want to pay me money. I don't know them but they came in as an inquiry, found people that knew me and I was just like 'Are you f*cking nuts?'"

The answer? Get men to pay to spend time with you in a safe way that benefits you.

"Get you a little baller that's in your area, in your city," she advised. "Listen, there are guys out there, guys that I have dealt with that literally just want to take me shopping all day. They don't want to have sex with me, they don't want anything from me. They get off on me wearing the shoes that they bought me. That's their fetish, they like that sh*t."

Muva has spoken, but do you think what Rose is suggesting is a good alternative for women considering taking escorting jobs?

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