America Is Way Behind In Women’s Rights

The UN released a new study...and it's not pretty.

The results are in: America is way behind in women’s rights. According to a new study by the United Nations, being a woman in this country is filled with inequity…but we already knew that. Now, we know just how unequal we are compared to everyone else.

The study highlights challenges we face financially and politically. “We acknowledge the United States’ commitment to liberty, so well represented by the Statue of Liberty which symbolizes both womanhood and freedom,” the study cites, but goes on to explain, “Nevertheless, in global context, US women do not take their rightful place as citizens of the world’s leading economy, which has one of the highest rates of per capita income.” It continues, “In the US, women fall behind international standards as regards their public and political representation, their economic and social rights and their health and safety protections.”

The report addresses the wage gap—which is currently at 21 percent—and issues with access to healthcare and reproductive services.

Hillary Clinton may be running for President but women overall, are grossly underrepresented in politics. The U.S. is 72nd in the world when it comes to the percentage of female lawmakers — only 19.4 percent of women hold congressional seats—and countries like Rwanda, Mexico, Uganda, and Pakistan surpass our numbers. 

The full report is due in 2016. 

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