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Amy Schumer Destroys Heckler Who Demands To See Her Boobs

And then she kicked him out of the venue.

Good idea: supporting female comedians!

Bad idea: heckling female comedians, who are more likely 10x as witty as you, with misogynistic cat-calling during a show.

While the above advice should be self-evident, Amy Schumer showed this wisdom in action when she absolutely destroying a man who demands to see her boobs while she's performing.

"Show us your tits!" screamed the heckler before Schumer asked the audience to specifically point him out. She went on to interrogate him about his personal life: "What do you do for a living? Sales? How's that working out?" she prods caustically. "That's really cute," she adds with delicious venom before offering a stern warning about being removed from the program.

Watch the takedown below.

Good idea: being a successful empowered woman who can show her tits when she chooses!

Bad idea: being that loser, who actually ended up getting ejected from the venue for being a total assh*le.

h/t: Jezebel 

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