Amy Schumer Took Over A Stranger's Tinder Account...And Hilarity Ensued

She said exactly what we've all been thinking.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

It takes a lot to get Amy Schumer to swipe right. The actress took over a stranger's Tinder account and the results were hilarious.

According to Huffington Post, Amy had never been on the dating app, but had no problem taking on Andrea's profile (a staffer at Vanity Fair) and telling guys what we've all been thinking. “If you’re not wearing a shirt in your profile photo... stop.” Amen. 

Here are some of the other funny things she said when judging the guy pool: Chill out. You’re not James Bond. Just be real and funny," “Skydiving!? Stop enjoying your life. Watch television like the rest of us," and “The guys that are closest with their moms... are the secret dirtbags of the universe.”

Sadly, Amy - posing as Andrea - did not find love. Watch the video of the Tinder hijack below:


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