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An Artist Proves That Mermaids Can Be Plus-Sized, Too


By now, we all know that the concept of a "beach body" was invented by the fitness industry to pressure people into feeling bad about themselves so they pay money to work out, right? Ok, great. Good thing these plus-sized mermaids are here to inspire everyone to not give a f*ck about what they look like swimming in the ocean.

Created by artist and instagrammer @gnightirene, these stout sirens are too busy sassing about all over the seaside to care what you think of their BMI. 


Combining the iconography of pin-up art and the sensibility of a Disney cartoon, these chunky cuties are large and in charge (of luring men out to sea and eating their souls -- JK they seem friendly):


And don't forget this merman, either:


The instagram account has already inspired at least one tattoo:


We all knew Ursula was way cooler than Ariel anyway, right?

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