An Australian Artist Created A Savage Memorial To Taylor Swift's Career

This is what happens when the Kardashians turn against you.

By Eric Shorey

Cue the funeral march music: Taylor Swift's career is dead and buried. She was slain by the mighty Kim Kardashian West. May she now rest in peace forever.

Commemorating the demise of The Greatest Becky Who Ever Lived is Australian artist Lush Sux, who reacted to yesterday's bombshell news with swiftness and savageness, creating this brutal memorial:

You might remember Lush Sux from his famously defaced mural's of Kim's naked selfies. (Someone is clearly #TeamKardashian.) “If they [the public] get a laugh out of it, it’s worth doing," said the artist at the time. "I’m not trying to stop global warming single-handedly or fight our ‘evil corporate overlords’ or something — it’s just some fun.”


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