Animated Michael Jackson Film Will Be Told From The POV Of MJ's Pet Chimp Bubbles

Because why not? 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The timing seems right for a Michael Jackson movie, but if you've been waiting for a blockbuster biopic about the King of Pop with an all-star cast, you'll have to wait a little longer. What Hollywood is blessing us with instead is an animated MJ documentary from the POV of Michael's pet chimp Bubbles. It sounds pretty out there, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, it's coming to a screen near you.

Isaac Adamson's screenplay Bubbles follows the titular character from the time Michael adopted his baby chimp all the way to his release years later. As any super fan will tell you, Bubbles and MJ were BFFs back in the '80s, and Michael even took his chimpanzee companion on tour numerous times. The film will be produced by Community's Dan Harmon, and made using stop-motion animation just to make sure it's as surreal and creepy as possible.

Adamson's script was rated highly on The Black List, an annual ranking of screenplays that have yet to be produced. And just in case you're wondering, the buzzworthy film won't be at all shy about tackling the controversy that followed MJ throughout his life; according to the script's Black List description, Bubbles will "detail [Bubble's] life within The King of Pop’s inner circle through the scandals that later rocked Jackson's life."

Michael Jackson is one of the most beloved pop icons in history, and since his untimely death in 2009, fans have been waiting for his life story to be adapted for the screen. Somehow I don't think this is what they were hoping for, but while it does sound pretty outlandish, it's worth noting that Harmon was an executive producer for Anomalisa, another stop-motion film that went on to earn a Best Animated Film Oscar nomination this year. Maybe this won't be a total flaming trainwreck after all.

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