Anyone Can Audition To Play Nicki Minaj In Her New ABC TV Show

Think you have the chops to play young Onika Maraj?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Ever since Nicki Minaj announced the upcoming ABC show about her early life, we've all been wondering the same thing: who will play the young Onika Maraj?

In an unexpected move, ABC Family (soon to be known as Freeform after their name change in January) is holding an online open casting call to find the perfect performer to fill the role. The audition window is open until November 15, and they've made everything super easy to access: girls between the ages of 11 and 13 can submit their audition videos through the Disney Applause app, where a script is also available. 

What an amazing opportunity for young actors of color to get their foot in the door. As vocal as Nicki is about encouraging her young fans to reach for their dreams, who else suspects that she had a hand in making this happen?

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