Are Ab Cracks The New Thigh Gap?

Chiseled abs take over Instagram.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Move over thigh gap! With summer in full effect, scantily-clad celebrities and models are flaunting their super-chiseled abdomens. The latest fitness craze on social media is Ab Crack.

According to ElleAb Crack happens when your core is so defined that it looks like an irrigation ditch divides down the center of your stomach. The magazine sites that "while Ab Cracks vary in depth and definition, all Ab Cracks show us you've been in the gym." 

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As you can imagine, women with Ab Crack are extremely fit. Those that dare to bare their cracks seem to be of the supermodel, celebrity or fitness fanatic type. Shocker.

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Is Ab Crack #FitnessGoals or another unrealistic body trend? Without the help of genetics and a 24/7 trainer, you probably honestly won't make a dent in your abdomen. Ditch the ab crack and love whatever swimsuit body you got.


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