Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together?

A Snapchat story posted on Friday claims the answer is yes. 

Here we go again? Ever since their breakup in 2009, rumors have long swirled about Chris Brown and Rihanna allegedly patching things up. The latest so-called evidence comes from aspiring singer Assata, who claims she witnessed Chris share an "intimate" FaceTime session with Rihanna.

Assata and Brown were in the studio together on August 14, the day she, according to MediaTakeout, claims she witnessed the two speaking as if they were still boyfriend and girlfriend. The singer took to Snapchat, posting photographic evidence that she was indeed in the studio with Chris Brown, Fetty Wap, and French Montana. She then posted "The fact that I witnessed him FaceTime Rih."

She has since deleted everything, but of course, nothing you post online ever really goes away. Screenshots have already been posted online

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