Are Jay Z And Kanye West Close To Ending Their Feud?

BFFs forever or nah?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Are Jay Z and Kanye West going to make up? The two rappers reportedly had a falling out after Kanye went off on stage about Jay and Beyonce, so much so that Jay called out his former friend on the track "Kill Jay Z."

Jay and Kanye may be heading for a resolution, though. According to TMZ, Kanye has reached out to Jay and requested they meet face-to-face so they can hash out their issues. Kanye's camp thinks that Jay should cut Kanye some slack, since the Life of Pablo rapper wasn't in his right mind when he ranted about Jay and his family on stage last year. (If you'll recall, Kanye's on-stage rant did take place prior to Kanye's mental breakdown.)

One of TMZ's sources says that the two men, who reportedly have a love/hate relationship, are in the process of working it out. And as for Kanye's issues with Tidal? They're hashing that one out too, though TMZ's sources say that the Tidal thing is taking a backseat to the real problem, which is Kanye's rant and the effect it had on their friendship.

Do you think Jay should forgive Kanye (and let Blue Ivy come over for play dates)? Sound off in the comments below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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