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Are Jennifer Lopez And Drake Dating?

Dray Lo.

Sometimes Drake’s dating life looks like what a guy would do if he suddenly became rich and famous and could date all the ladies he had a crush on when he was a teenager. That’s actually a pretty accurate description of Drake, and he is living his dreams - as well as the dreams of many young men who came of age in the 90s. He’s maybe, possibly, dating Jennifer Lopez.

TMZ reports that the two have been working on a music project together, which is the same excuse that was used when Drake was hanging with Taylor Swift. Except I believe that Drake would be into Lopez. He’s also been taking her out to dinner a lot, like when he rented out all of Delilah restaurant on Monday evening, and the two have been caught making their escape from the paparazzi together on camera:

Drake’s also been posting about hanging with J Lo with loving captions, but he does enjoy flirting with women via Instagram, so that’s not too unusual:


Yes, there is a 17 year age difference between them, but I’ve long suspected that J Lo is Benjamin Button-ing and will continue to look hotter and hotter as she ages. Drake knows a woman with magical powers when he sees her.

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