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Are Nicki Minaj And Trina Teaming Up For New Music?

Is this really happening?

Nicki Minaj is a master at teasing her fans. In the past, she's used social media to hint at future romantic relationships and even post hilariously fake pregnancy announcements, but it's one of her latest Twitter posts that's really got her fans chomping at the bit.

Earlier this week, rapper Trina tweeted a lyric from Nicki's verse on "Realize," her collab with 2 Chainz, writing, "A lot of these n*ggaz tell real lies, dey ain't about sh*t in real life."

Nicki retweeted it and wrote, "I see no lies when the baddest b*tch speaks. Can't wait to hear our new...nvm."

Is she implying what I think she's implying? Would you be into a Nicki and Trina collab? Check out the reactions of a few fans on Twitter who most definitely would be. "Nicki and Trina" was even trending on Twitter yesterday, so can you imagine what the reaction would be if they actually released a song together?

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