Are The New Modernized Furbies Cute Or Creep(ier Than Before)?

That's right - Furby is baaaaack!

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Furby is back! The '90s throwback toy has been given a modern redesign - but is it cute or creepy? To its defense, it's always been known to creep more than a few people out, but does the new design hurt or help it?

According to Nerdistthe new-and-improved Furby is all about technology. Parent company Hasbro has announced that Furbies will be connected to the Furby Connect app. Launching in the fall, Furby 2.0 comes with increased features and Bluetooth technology. 

Furby Connect also comes with cool features like a night mask, so Furby won't creepily move or speak at night. Plus, Furby is on the 'Gram.

In 1999, Furby took over the country. 14 million stuffed creatures sold, per Timemaking Furby one of the hottest toys of the decade. Furby had a vocabulary of nearly 200 "Furbish" and English words, including "I love you."

What do you think of Furby's makeover? 

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