Are You Brave Enough To Curl Your Hair Using Cheetos? Here's A Tutorial!

 Hope you don't mind getting cheese dust in your hair.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Hair tutorials are getting more and more out there these days. With Youtube vloggers desperate to outdo each other (and get those coveted views), they've had no choice but to take their creativity to the next level. Still, if we're talking out-there hair and beauty videos, there's one vlogger in particular who stands out from all the rest, and that's Grav3yardGirl.

Most of us reserve our Cheetos for late night attacks or the munchies, but Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl's IRL name) has taken resourcefulness to a new level. Meyer posted a video of herself using Cheetos puffs to curl her hair last month, and it's been viewed over 1.5 million times. What's even crazier is that the end result actually looks pretty good, believe it or not. Meyer rolled her hair around the individual puffs the way one would use a typical sponge roller, and then sat under a hooded dryer for a half an hour.

"It feels luxurious. It looks amazing," Meyer said after taking out her all of her (cheesy) rollers. Do you agree? Check out the video below.

Apparently, Meyer has a super power and it's the ability to use just about anything to create a hairstyle; in the past, she's curled her hair with marshmallows and even tampons - yes, tampons. A+ for creativity, boo!

[Photo: Youtube]


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