Atlanta Radio Host Blasts Female Olympian In Sexist Twitter Tantrum

Let Jessica Mendoza be great!

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Jessica Mendoza made history this week by being the first woman to do analysis for a nationally televised Major League Baseball postseason game. The Olympic softball medalist was featured on ESPN to discuss the New York Yankees and Houston Astros--which is kind of a big deal--but one Atlanta radio jock couldn't handle her greatness.

Mike Bell (of 92.9/The Game) went on a Twitter tantrum, blasting Jessica as unqualified for the job and attempting to degrade her by calling her "Tits McGhee." Classy, right? "Really? A women's softball slugger as guest analyst on MLB Wildcard Game? Once again ESPN too frigging cute for their own good," he tweeted. "You guys are telling me there isn't a more qualified Baseball player ESPN can use than a softball player? Gimme a break!"

Bell eventually sent a half-assed apology  of "well my wife told me to delete the tweet, I still think I have a right to make an ass out of myself." He's since deleted these tweets (of course he has) but you can see them on Bleacher Report.

Luckily, the powers that be did not agree with this caveman mentality. Bell has been suspended from his job for two weeks. Hopefully that includes a suspension from Twitter too.

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