August Alsina Just Aired Out Some Major Family Drama On Instagram

The unidentified family member threatens to expose who he really is.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Someone in August Alsina's family really has it out for him. The R&B up-and-comer shared an extremely hostile text message on Instagram yesterday, one that he received from an unidentified family member. The multi-part message is loaded with expletives, and August captioned the post with "Messages from my 'family'" and the hashtag "This thing called life."

I wouldn't blame August if he did feel some type of way about the family member who sent the message; I'm definitely not feeling any love here. August's older brother Melvin was shot and

killed in 2010, and the person who sent the message even went so far as to say it was August's fault. Check it out for yourself below:

August didn't even blur out the phone number (we did, though, to cover our AZZes), so you know this beef has to run deep. As to just how this person is related to August, or what these (multiple) arguments are even really about, no one really knows. 

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