Author Live-Tweets His Wedding Proposal, And It's Adorable

#marrymeavantika engagement goes viral!

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

It's one thing to post your engagement photos on Facebook or Instagram but what happens when your proposal becomes a national trending topic? Author Duroy Dutta turned wedding jitters into a social media frenzy when he live-tweeted his proposal to girlfriend Avantika.

"Hi! I'm online for the next two hours. Because i need to tell you guys something. #marrymeavantika," Duroy tweeted. "Also she's on a flight so she has no idea this is going down. I will be waiting with a placard that says 'love of my life'. Could be lame." Fans, especially in India, started following the hashtag and real-life fairytale. With each tweet, Avantika was closer to landing and Duroy would pop the BIG question. In the end, she said, "Yes" and Duroy got his storybook ending. 

Social media is playing a bigger and bigger role in wedding engagements. Wedding sites are offering tips on how to maximize social media for the proposal itself to broadcasting the annoucement. Whether you're Livestreaming video to share real-time emotion or creating your own hashtag, social media is becoming as much a part of the proposal as the ring itself. Choose wisely.

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