Azealia Banks Actually Apologizes For Using Gay Slur

"Honestly... This isn't a cop out, its just me realizing that words hurt."

It's a Pride Month miracle! Azealia Banks has issued an apology for her use of gay slurs!

In a seemingly earnest and thoughtful post on Facebook, the queen of social media controversy reflected on what her word choices convey to her fans. Banks also thanks her fans for sticking with her despite her past mistakes. 

Here's the post:

Knowing Banks' track record with broken promises, it's easy to expect this to not last very long. Nor have Banks' past transgressions exactly been scrubbed clean by this apology: her list of things she has yet to say sorry for includes comparing gays to the KKKpro-Trump political policiesunabashedly anti-American sentiments, transphobic language, a history of assault, walking out on showspublic battles with her record labels, and a predilection towards picking fights with other rappers and personalities. That being said, Azealia is a complicated lady -- let's hope she takes this new oath seriously. Or whatever! She'll probably keep dropping fire on track after track either way.

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