Azealia Banks Admits To Bleaching Her Skin

Really, Azealia?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Azealia Banks is a complicated woman. The rapper has been outspoken about race, gender, and sexuality, but in a surprising move, she's admitted (and defended) her decision to bleach her skin.

Fans have noticed Azealia looking visibily different on social media. According to Bossipskin lightener Whitenicious has taken credit for Azealia's lighter skin tone. "The amazingly talented @azealiabanks before her show in Brazil," the company posted on Instagram. 


Many fans saw the change as contradictory to the self-love Azealia often preaches. When asked outright by a fan why someone with a "pro-black lifestyle and mentality" would bleach her skin, the rapper responded, "Because my p*ssy is purple." As expected, fans were not having it and vented in the comments section of the post. "Azealia stop it. It's Pro melanin season," shared one. "You're are just a walking contradiction," commented another. 


Most recently, Lil Kim came under fire for the same accusation after appearing uncharacteristcally white in a selfie. And Banks' reply to the legendary rapper's transformation was a compliment amongst a fury of backlash: "Lil Kim's bleach is off the chain right now," Banks tweeted. "All her knuckles, knees and elbows are looking tight as f*ck."

It's definitely a sad turn of events, but it looks like the controversial artist has been eyeing the treatment for some time now.

What do you think about Azealia Banks' decision to bleach her skin?

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