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Azealia Banks Broke Down Crying About The Fight With Russell Crowe

She says this situation has her feeling "humiliated."

Azealia Banks got rather emotional in an interview with Access Hollywood when asked about her altercation with Russell Crowe earlier this month. The situation went back and forth for a while, with the well-respected RZA (who hosted the party where the fight occurred) eventually issuing a rare but humbled statement to address the fight. Now, Banks is coming forward with her side of the story.


Banks feels gaslighted by RZA and his crew, and now she says that she feels "humiliated" by the story. Meanwhile, witnesses at the party have maintained that it was Banks who was belligerent all along. Given Banks' long history with troublemaking (which includes comparing gays to the KKK, unabashedly anti-American sentimentstransphobic language, a history of assault, a bad habit of walking out on showspublic battles with her record labels, and a predilection towards picking fights with other rappers and personalities on Twitter), many are finding it hard to be sympathetic to her plight. That being said, her tortured tears are hard to ignore.

This incident has lead to the breakdown of a potential record deal between Banks and RZA, leaving the future of Banks' musical releases uncertain.

You can watch the full interview over here.

[Photo: Screenshot via Instagram]

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