Azealia Banks Calls Beyonce A "Thief" And Bashes 'Lemonade'

The rapper claims Beyonce's new album is bad for black women. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is Beyonce's Lemonade bad for black women? Azealia Banks sure thinks so. The "212" rapper shared her opinion on Twitter earlier this week, and her thoughts on the album are sure to get the Beyhive riled up.

What's funny is that Banks initially praised Lemonade, but apparently she had a change of heart?

But here's where I'm lost: how exactly is Beyonce harming black women by openly sharing her pain and struggle? Azealia's concern seems to be with Bey's album feeding into the "sad black woman" stereotype, but the idea that black women must hide their pain, lest society get the "wrong idea" about us, is the real problem.

If artists concerned themselves with impressing the wrong people, they'd never find the courage to share their authentic selves. Beyonce spoke honestly about a subject many people - even those who aren't in the public eye - are loathe to talk about, and that takes real courage. Why Banks is willing to discount the bravery in Lemonade in favor of worrying about what racists think, is beyond me.

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