Azealia Banks Gets Banned From Twitter After Racist Rants

Rapper gets suspended 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Azealia Banks says what's on her mind and it has officially landed her in hot water. The rapper has been suspended from Twitter following a racist rant involving singer Zayn Malik.

According to CNNAzealia went on a tirade against the Pakistani star by calling him a "curry scented b-tch." This sparked backlash from fans and people of color, who began sharing positive selfies with the hashtag. "@twitter why is @AZEALIABANKS still an active account when she has broken so many terms of use? Let alone verified," asked a fan.

Azealia had apparently taken offense by Zayn's latest music video which she feels she influenced.

In addition to Zayn, Azealia also got into it with teen star Skai Jackson, telling the 14-year-old she was a "black b-tch" and needed plastic surgery. 

Fans tired of Azealia's ongoing trolling have celebrated all day with the #AzealiaGotSuspended hashtag. Is her reign of crazy really over? What will we talk about?!

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