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Azealia Banks Got Demolished In A Twitter War With Zayn Malik And Skai Jackson

The teenage Disney star Skai dragged Azealia to Hell and back, and it was totally deserved.

Azealia Banks, what are you doing? Is there no limit to how low you will stoop?

The rapper/professional Internet troll got into a random Twitter war with both Zayn Malik and 14 year-old Disney star Skai Jackson, and it's just as strange and unusual as it sounds.

Here's how it started: earlier this week, Zayn debuted his "Like I Would" video, and -- to no one's surprise -- Azealia accused him of stealing from her.


After Zayn subtweeted her, basically saying 'lol whatever bye,' she then went on a Twitter rant against him - you know, her specialty, but this time she got extremely racist, calling him a "curry scented b*tch" and a variety of homophobic slurs, The Independent reports.

And that's when child star and class act Skai Jackson quietly stepped in.

Azealia popped off, as expected.

But in the resulting back-and-forth, Skai more than held her own.

Who else thinks Skai won this one? Because going off on a teenager like that is just a new low for Banks.

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