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Azealia Banks Has A Change of Heart, Apologizes For Endorsing Donald Trump

"I alienated loads of my fans and followers."

Azealia Banks, the girl who stirs up all the Twitter trouble, is trying to change her ways. I'm not mad at her at all. 

However, many people were back in February when she proclaimed her support for the orange hellspawn Donald Trump. "I think Trump is the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business. Hilary is too tied in with them and Bernie has no clout," she tweeted. "In conclusion, I think Donald trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him."

The crazy thing is that it wasn't sarcasm. She seemed level-headed, but not...

She received even more heat when she continued to name the reasons why she supported him, like in September: "Do you think it's bad that I sort of agree with Drumpf's stance on immigration?" Banks asked in one of three now-deleted posts on the subject. Her reasoning was that the "influx of international immigrants" was "sucking up" all the state resources.

Even though she later claimed it was a social experiment, she went on to hunker down on her thoughts, all while later stating she wasn't - in fact - voting for Trump.

It's all really confusing, and maybe she has come to realize that as well. In two recent Facebook posts, the Twitter-banished controversial artist has revealed that she regrets adding her "two cents to this election mess," as she "alienated loads of [her] fans and followers."

"i made a major mistake endorsing toupey-toupee," she wrote in another. "Womens rights are important and we must protect them. I tried.... I reached .... I even carried ...... I take it all back."

"I deeply regret mixing music and politics as I am now finding it nearly impossible to keep up with the election and the media frenzy. I'm finding myself confused and disinterested. I really hope my fans and peers can forgive me for that as I make a promise to never mix music and politics ever again. One seems to be the antithesis of the other huh?"

Read her comments in full below.

Now, it looks like she's committing herself to doing better, as many of her recent posts are centered around self-reflection and self-love.

One fan commented, "It's time for you to grab your career by the p*ssy, Banks!!" and let's just say that she 100% agreed!

WE'RE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU (AGAIN), AZEALIA (or trying to, at least...)

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