Azealia Banks Has A Gross Blood-Stained Closet Used For Witchcraft

Girl, clean up after you hex a bitch.

By Eric Shorey

Oh goodness. We all know that in between maniacal tyrades on social media and flip-flopping on Donald TrumpAzealia Banks loves casting spells. She's bragged about her love of Santeria and even rapped about ancient gods on her tracks before, but now Banks is showing off her real commitment to brujeria in a since-deleted (and strangely appalling) video on Instagram:

Here she is, cleaning out what appears to be a small closet filled with rotted blood and feathers, presumably used for black magic. This grime is so old she even needs power tools to get the dirty deed done.

You guys, this is nasty. I know plenty of witches who clean up after their damn chicken sacrifices. You don't just leave puddles of animal blood rotting in closets. Wash up after you hex a bitch. Like, damn.

Doubt her commitment to voudou? Here she is masquerading as a Santera in the video for her jam "Count Countessa" from last year:

Some may say Banks lost her mind long ago and that this right here is proof. Others will say that she's practicing an ancient dark art. Personally, I just think homegirl is unhygienic AF.

[Photo: Screenshot via YouTube]

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