Azealia Banks: "I Sort Of Agree With Trump's Stance On Immigration"

Grab the popcorn, folks.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Another day, another controversial Azealia Banks social media moment. This time her target is immigration, reparations, and the complacency of black Americans.


"Do you think it's bad that I sort of agree with Trump's stance on immigration?" So begins Azealia's latest social commentary, posted yesterday on Instagram. Her reasoning for this, she continues, is solely that the "influx of international immigrants" is "sucking up" state aid and spaces in schools, and basically making it less likely for black Americans to ever be paid reparations.


She went on to call that first post a "social experiment," shared with the intent to present what was, in her view, an "abstract view of the situation." In the next three posts, Azealia shares her views on what's wrong with the American dream, and why she feels it's necessary for her to direct her focus solely onto the problems concerning black  Americans. Her reasoning? "Self-preservation is key," basically.


Despite her opening lines, Azealia stresses that she isn't supporting Trump -- which makes sense, considering that, a few weeks ago, Azealia shared an Instagram post that features an image of Trump with a knife in his skull, with the words "F*** you puto" superimposed over his bleeding face.


What Azealia had to say is pretty lengthy - at least, by social media standards - so you can read the diatribe in its entirety below. 

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