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Azealia Banks Issues Apology And Talks Mental Illness In Black Community

The rapper issued a (sort of) apology, and then opened up about personal hardships she's faced.

The impossible has happened: after seemingly trying to make a career out of acting out on Twitter, Azealia Banks has actually apologized.

After her homophobic, racist ranting about former One Directioner Zayn Malik earned her a ban from Twitter, the rapper took to Instagram to issue an apology.

"I want to express my sincerest apologies to the world," Banks wrote.


But in her very next post, she kind of tried to downplay how racist it was for her to call Zayn a "curry scented" in the first place.


"And as for curry, it's honestly some dumb NYC joke about cabs smelling like curry," she wrote in a caption. "Dumb NYC joke" or not, it's still blatantly racist.

But wait - she then went and called 14 year-old Disney star Skai Jackson a "c**n in training" in yet another post, even tagging her in it, and called her an "unremarkable" actress in another.

While some have argued that it's problematic for Azealia to have been banned from Twitter - and I'm inclined to agree - it'd be great if she stopped attacking a child on social media. 

Banks later penned a two-part essay on mental illness in the black community, all written in the captions of messages from fans.

"I've been belittled, berated, stolen from, called crazy when making clear and true observations about the world we live in only to then have all of those things reveal themselves to be truths," Banks wrote.

Read her full message below.


What do you think about what Azealia had to say? Are communities of color too harsh on her?

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