Azealia Banks Just Picked A Fight With The Entire Country Of Brazil

She didn't know they had the internet...

By Eric Shorey

It didn't even take Azealia Banks a whole week to pick a fight with her first new target of 2017 on social media, and this time she's gunning not just for one person but an entire country. The rap world's most notorious troll is basking in her own putrescence after facing backlash from the entire nation of Brazil.

Apropos of nothing, Banks posted this shady question which implied that the Portugese-speaking country is both poor and pathetic ("farofa" translates to "crumbs"). Banks claims she was responding to the way her fan page had been overrun by Brazilian bots, and saracastically joked that she didn't know the country even had internet.

After a predictable backlash, she posted this boastful status:

Despite (or beacause of?) fan outrage, she kept carrying:


The anti-Brazil rant didn't hold Banks' attention for too long and she was back to posting about her favorite subject, witchcraft, only a few minutes later:

A funny bit of trivia about this whole thing: many confused Azealia's name with a popular sandal company named Azaleia, leading the shoe manufacturers to release a statement against the rapper and clarify that they had never made any disparaging remarks about the South American country after they faced their own wave of misplaced anger. What a world!

Anyway: seems like Banks is having a great new year already.

[Photo: Facebook]

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